Finite Math Video podcasts

The following series of videos is intended to help students master the basic concepts and computational skills needed in a Finite Mathematics course. Each video is short and deals with a single idea. The initial video list has become too long, so the videos are now organized by categories. The plan is to add videos on a regular basis to cover the entire course. We'll see how that goes! Let me know if you have suggestions for topics to cover.
Note: Most videos have been converted to YouTube. They open in a YouTube window. The channel is WestOfVideo.

Math of Finance (Concepts)  |  Math of Finance using TI-83  |  Math of Finance using Excel  |  Basic Excel   |  Sets and Counting  |  Probability  |  Probability using Excel  |  Statistics

Math of Finance (Concepts)

Simple Interest: Introduction (7:38)
Simple Interest basics 2 (8:32)
Compound Interest: Introduction (9:56)
Compound interest (Part 2) (13:17)
Compound interest (Part 3) (12:52)
Increasing Annuity: Future Value (9:48)
Present Value of an annuity (8:26)
Private Student Loans (Introduction) (9:47)
Private Student Loans (Part 2) (9:39)

Math of Finance using TI-83

Compound interest 1 (5:28)
Compound interest 2 (TVM-solver) (5:43)
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) (4:26)
Future Value of an increasing annuity (3:21)
Future Value of an increasing annuity 2 (2:38)
Find payments to accumulate a desired annuity value (7:39)
Computing Loan payments (3:33)
Present value of a decreasing annuity (2:38)
Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) payments (4:05)

Math of Finance using Excel

An Excel Compound model template (6:24)
Simulating compound growth by period (5:02)
Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) (4:36)
Simulating an increasing annuity (5:51)
Future Value of an increasing annuity (3:17)
Payments to accumulate a desired annuity value (3:44)
Simulating a decreasing annuity (5:06)
Loan payments (4:41)
Loan amortization schedule (4:44)

Basic Excel

Entering text and formulas (8:50)
Goal Seek and Excel Solver (5:26)
Chart Wizard (5:33)

Sets and Counting

Boolean set operations (8:49)
Venn diagrams (5:57)
Forming sets from conditions (7:28)
Set calculations (7:10)
Products of sets (10:37)
The addition formula (9:40)
Addition and multiplication principles (7:04)
Counting permutations (arrangements) (7:25)
Counting combinations(groupings) (7:24)
Marble counting problems (6:49)


Introduction to probability (9:57)
Probability distributions (9:18)
A lottery application of probability (7:38)
The classical birthday problem (8:25)
Conditional Probability: Introduction (10:30)
Conditional Probability: Independence (7:40)
Joint probability of independent events (7:38)
Testing for Independence (9:54)
Bayes' Theorem illustrated (10:03)
Bayes' Theorem continued (7:23)

Probability using Excel

Probability by simulation in Excel (4:01)
Setting up a probability distribution in Excel (3:23)
Binomial distributions (3:37)


Binomial Experiments (10:28)
Binomial Experiments Part 2 (10:29)
Tabulating data values (4:22)
Histogram (column graph) of a distribution (2:59)
Comparing two distributions graphically (4:55)
Comparing two distributions graphically Part 2 (3:28)
Distributions of grouped data (7:29)
Calculating the Mean of data given by a distribution (6:59)
Finding the mean a grouped data using Excel (3:40)
The median and mode (7:29)
Mean of binomial distribution (9:04)
Calculating sample variance (7:04)
Calculating Variance and Standard Deviation using Excel (4:21)
Measuring the spread of data (8:41)
The Empirical Rule for approximating probability (9:04)
Normal probability functions (6:35)
Value at Risk, an introduction (9:32)
Value at Risk, example (7:53)

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